Thursday, November 1, 2018

November Happenings

November Play day, November 3rd, was for Turkeys and was hosted by Lee and Diane.  5 courts were full of players and the Turkey winners were: Sky (1st), David (2nd), Petra (1st), Gail (2nd); Nori and Fred took home bug zappers for their scores.

Regarding the elections, there were only 3 nominees: Greg and Charles agreed to run for another term, Diane Gustafson was the only member who wished to run. Therefore, there was no election needed for the 3 board positions. Come January 1, 2019 Diane will be our newest board member.

November 5th @ 5:30/6:00pm for the Birthday celebration will be at the Cloudcroft Brewery, (behind the High School).

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