Thursday, October 18, 2018

44th Annual Alamogordo Open Tennis Tournament

Non-Sanctioned Results
Men's Doubles Final - Rios, Rey/Sosin, Louis def Burns, Shane/Sawangacharatorn, Sky, 6-3;6-1
Men's Doubles Consolation Final - Pickering, Randy/Santackas, Joe (1) def Nicholson, Grady/Wells, Ron, 6-0;6-3  
Men's Singles Final - Schneider, Chris def Burns, Shane, 7-6;6-0
Men's Singles Consolation Final - Klump, John (1) def Nicholson, Grady 6-1;6-1
Mixed Doubles Final - Sampath, Sintra/powell, charles (1) def. Pickering, Randy/Pickering, Tammy, (2) 6-4;6-1
Mixed Doubles Consolation Final - Morgan, Nori/Morgan, Pat def Waggoner, Cathy/Wells, Ron, 7-5;6-1
Women's Doubles Final - Sampath, Sintra/Schneider, Petra def Gallent, Josephine/Jun, Melanie (1), 4-6;7-5;10-6
Women's Doubles Consolation Final - Pickering, Tammy/Taplen, Debra def Comon-Pearce, Paciencia/Tillery, Sue (2), 6-4;6-2
Sanctioned Results
Men's 35 Singles Final - Melville, Dustin (2) def. Crawley, Curtis (1) 6-0; 6-4
Men's 35 Singles Consolation - powell, charles def. Herrera, Michael 6-4; 6-3
Mixed Open Doubles Final - Jun, Melanie/powell, charles def. Gallent, Josephine/Jack, Robert 6-3; 6-3
Mixed Open Doubles Consolation Final - Tillery, Sue/Trujillo, John def Matteucci, Amy, Melville, Dustin - Def 

Congratulations to all entrants and winners and the Tournament Director Linda Gilliland.
Thanks to Greg for, well, you'll see in the picture, and Ron for all the shade


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