Friday, June 18, 2010

June Newsletter

Court Status: ATA President John White was asked to mediate a meeting in Santa Fe recently to resolve spending issues between Renner and the City of Alamogordo. Final determinations can now been made which will allow the state to pay Renner. It also will results in final calculations of the total cost of the project. Thus the city can move forward with the USTA grant procedures and any unspent monies can be used to tackle the wish list. This list includes high priority items such as a storage shed, practice wall, and benches. Both the city and the state are struggling with budget issues, so once we know if additional monies are forthcoming, some of the items on the wish list can be addressed. This will take some time.


July 3: Play day hosted by Anke Witak, 9:00, Oregon Courts

July 7 : ATA Board meeting at noon; all members welcome

ATA Scholarship was awarded to AHS senior Chelsea Moose. Thank you to Sabine Fahl for presenting this scholarship to Chelsea at the tennis banquet. Congratulations Chelsea!

June Play Day ended up being an informal play day with a couple of courts of players in the cool pines of Cloudcroft. Lunch followed at Dan & Gina Tisdale’s restaurant, the Cross Eyed Moose. Thanks to John White and Gina Tisdale for snacks and set-up.

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Gina & friend/June Play Day LCTPA/ATA exchange organizers, Candy & Evelyn

Las Cruces Exchange: 45 players from ATA and LCTPA competed on Sat. June 12, for the coveted trophy. Las Cruces players enjoyed our new courts and ATA provided lunch following play. ATA emerged victorious with total games won at 103 to 83, matches won 9 to 7. (There was a little miscommunication and miscalculation regarding scoring procedures). This competition has been going on since 1990, with ATA now leading in wins at 12 to 11. Las Cruces will want to win that trophy back next year! Special thanks to Candy Guimmo, LCTPA, and Evelyn Genta & John White, for organizing play. Also thanks to Sabine Fahl & Anke Witak for organizing food & drinks.

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