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Court Status: Board is compiling a wish list of items needed/desired for the courts. We will see what the city is able and willing to contribute. This will take some time.


June 2: ATA Board meeting at noon; all members welcome.

June 5: June Play day hosted by Cathy & Harold Waggoner in Cloudcroft; watch for more info.

June 12: Las Cruces Exchange, 9:00 in Alamogordo; sign up with John White or Evelyn Genta if you want to play, or send email to ATA.

ATA 36th Open Tournament, a HUGE success!!!

Despite a software crash the Thursday before the tournament, despite an unusual spring storm which dumped rain on the courts the morning of the tournament, despite more than expected entries with less than expected time on the courts, Grady and Nell and ATA pulled off a hugely successful open tournament. When the clouds opened up, again dumping rain, 10 minutes after the last ball was hit and seconds after the last empty pottery box was stashed in Nell’s van, it gave us pause to consider that a higher power had a hand in this one. It definitely was a team effort. John White and his truck, Rick Sotak and his potter’s wheel, Linda Gilliland & Pien Latham donating trophies, John Genta refurbishing Junior trophies, Neil Bottger and his accountability, Sandy Sanchez putting up trash bags, Nell’s geraniums, so many who showed up Sat. morning to help clear courts, all contributed to this successful event . . . again. And what a party! Thanks again to Joy and Darryl Gallent for hosting and cooking.

But, after 36 years, how much longer can we expect Grady to continue directing these tournaments? No one can replace Grady. No one wants to try. Perhaps we need to gather a team of committed members to tackle this problem. Food for thought . . .

Grady’s Tourney Write-up:

The ATA managed a very successful 36th Annual Adult Open last month in spite of a 4 hour late start due to a heavy rain. Eighty-eight players, including 12 youths, representing 12 communities across New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Arizona competed in 12 Age group events, 8 non-sanctioned NTRP events, and 5 youth events. As has occurred several years running, unique and very popular pottery, made by ATA’s own Rick Sotak, was given as prizes to the winners and runner-ups. This was the first tournament held on our new courts, and everybody, hometowners and visitors alike, were super happy with the way the courts played (except you couldn’t use “the ball hit a crack” as an excuse). The pre-tourney rain washed off a crust of dust from a recent dust storm and left the courts sparkling.

Local player Cameron Brace-Emmert won the Men’s Open Singles final for the second straight year, defeating Jose Fantauzzi, another local, 6-1; 6-2. Number one seeds Clint Loest and Richard Vickrey, Las Cruces, also won a final two years running, when Men's Open Doubles opponents Robert Jack, El Paso, and Dennis Johnston, Ruidoso, had to retire after losing the first set, 6-2, due to an injury to Jack.

On the women’s side, Lori Robertson, Albuquerque, a 5.0 rated player, won both the Women's Open Singles title and the Women's 45 Singles title, losing only three games in three matches played. There was no Women’s Open Doubles event, but in the Women's 35 Doubles final, the last match of the tournament, Crystal Campbell Messer teamed with local Evelyn Genta, to defeat number one seeds Sabrina Aguilar and Patti Thomas, both of El Paso, 2-6; 6-3; 6-4.

AGE finals results: Men's Open Singles Brace-Emmert, Cameron (1) Alamogordo, NM def. Fantauzzi, Jose (2) Alamogordo, NM 6-1; 6-2. Women's Open Singles Robertson, Lori Albuquerque, NM def. Green, Lindsey Farmington, NM 6-0; 6-1. Men's Open Doubles Loest, Clint / Richard, Vickrey (1) def. Jack, Robert / Johnston, Dennis (2) 6-2; 1-0 Ret (inj). Mixed Open Doubles Stuart, Valerie / Richard, Vickrey (1) def. Green, Lindsey / Loest, Clint (2) 6-1; 3-6; 6-3. Men's 45 Singles Johnston, Dennis (1) Ruidoso, NM def. Herrera, Michael Albuquerque, NM 6-3; 6-0. Men's 60 Singles Springer, Thomas (1) Cloudcroft, NM def. Cleveland, Terry (2) Roswell, NM 6-3; 6-1. Women's 35 Singles Thomas, Patti El Paso, TX def. Garcia, Silvia El Paso, TX 6-1; 6-1. Men's 45 Doubles Jack, Robert / Edgan, Phinney (1) def. Cleveland, Terry / Huebner, Steve (2) 6-3; 7-6(5). Women's 35 Doubles Campbell Messer, Crystal / Genta, Evelyn def. Aguilar, Sabrina / Thomas, Patti (1) 2-6; 6-3; 6-4. Mixed 35 Doubles Freisen, John / Silvia, Garcia def. Esparza, Joe / Reed, Rosanna 4-1 Ret (inj). Women's 50 Doubles Giummo, Candace / Chantal, Spilliaert def. Latham, Pien / Richardson, Gail 6-3; 6-4. Women's 45 Singles Robertson, Lori Albuquerque, NM def. Spilliaert, Chantal Las Cruces, NM 6-1; 6-0.

NTRP final results: Mixed 7.0 Doubles Sabine Fahl / Sanders Paul (1) def. Pien Latham / Steve Schuster (2) 6-4; 7-5. Men's 3.5 Doubles Steve Schuster / White John (1) def. Jason Bolton / Patrick Morgan 6-2; 6-3. Women's Singles 3.5 Anke Witac Alamogordo, def. Susan Bolton Aurora, CO 6-4; 6-0. Men's Singles 4.0 Shane Burns, Alamogordo, NM def. Rick Sotak (1) Alamogordo, NM 6-3; 7-6(3). Mixed 6.5 Doubles Sabine Berger / Robert Meints def. Wolfgang Fahl / Linda Gilliland (1) 6-2; 6-1. Women's 3.0 Doubles Susan Bolton / Morgan Muriel (Nori) def. Bernice McRae / Marita Meints 7-5; 6-3. Men's 4.0 Doubles Jeff Lazar / Jeffrey Murray (2) def. John Genta / Rick Sotak (1) 6-4; 3-6; 6-4. Women's 4.0 Doubles Evelyn Genta / Anke Witac def. Josephine Gallent / Sandy Sanchez 6-4; 6-0.

Youth finals results: Boys' 18 Singles Geary, Mathew Johnathan def. Shoaf, Steel 4-2;4-1. Boys' 14 Singles Moezzi, Andy def. Barnes, Christian 5-4 (4), 5-3. Boys' Doubles Barnes, Christian & Moezzi, Andy def. Gallegos, Aslan & Moezzi, Cody 5-3, 4-1. Boys' 12 Singles Moezzi, Cody def. Gallegos, Aslan 4-1,1-4, 5-4 (7). Girls' 14 Singles Sampath, Megan def. Henderson, Davishia 2-4, 4-1, 5-4 (6).

Senior Olympics: Several local players are participating; state competition is in July.

Roswell Exchange: Well, ATA lost the coveted Alien/White Sands trophy to a team of hot shot Roswell players. We’ll be out to win it back next year.

Thanks to Presidents & Coordinators Hot shot Roswell players and one turncoat

May Play Day: 5 courts of players turned out for play day and to say goodbye to Lathams. Sabine & Wolfgang Fahl and Anke Witak hosted. Thanks!!!

Winners were Gail Richardson, Sabine Berger, Robert Meints, and Lee Gustafson (hiding).

Adios Pien and Darrel. Hasta la Vista!

30 players & friends gathered for lunch following play.

Welcome new members Rick Button! An updated roster is attached to this newsletter for those of you who receive it by email. It includes the latest new members, a few returning members and a few minor corrections.

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