Thursday, February 4, 2021

February happenings

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Happy belated birthday to all the January folks. Happy birthday to all you February folks and Happy Valentines Day to everyone. 

What’s new: Candace Cormie and Carl Jones are our newest board members. We are very excited about the future of the ATA and look forward to lots of tennis fun. As you all know, Covid-19 restrictions continue to dictate our social gatherings within the ATA, we are hoping things will change for the positive very soon.

ATA dues: deadline was January 31st, you can give your dues to any board member, or you can you’re your dues to ATA PO Box, 684, Alamogordo, NM 88310, or you can drop your dues in an envelope into the new secure lock box at the main shed.

Used tennis balls: if anyone has a need for used tennis balls, we always have an abundance of them in the shed. Please contact a board member if you’d like some.

Night time tennis: is anyone interested? If so, please email us.

Ladder tennis: is anyone interested in playing? If so, please contact Carl at or email the ATA. We have done ladder tennis in the past, basically your goal is to work your way up the list of players by challenging someone, should you challenge and win, you'd take the spot of the player you beat. (More explanation is available if necessary).

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