Sunday, January 27, 2019

ATA February news

  January's birthday gathering at Si Senor's was a big hit so February 12th will be the February birthday dinner, see you on the 12th at Si Senior’s at 5:30.
   February play day: February 2, will be hosted by Laura, see you there.
   The new shed should be arriving soon and volunteers are needed to help assemble the new shed. Please contact Charles or Fred, or any board member if you are able to help assemble the shed when it arrives on site.
   Janet and Evelyn's new KIDZ TENNIS CLUB was a hit. They had a great turnout on the 25th despite at least a half a dozen who couldn't make it. They will be doing this 2x a month and they are quite excited about this program. February's dates are the 8th and 22nd.
   SAFETY CONCERNS: Last week a tennis bag was stolen from the courts. Thankfully for quick thinking of parents and modern technology, the bag and its contents were found and the thief was apprehended by the authorities. We might want to keep an eye out for unusual behavior by folks we don't know while at the courts.
   The Cottonwood Tournament is quickly approaching on March 23 &24 so be thinking of partners and spread the word. This is open to all players and levels so we look forward to another fun and challenging tournament.
   As always, we would love to hear from all members with your questions, comments, concerns or things you’d like for the board to consider.

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