Wednesday, October 29, 2014

October News

October 2014 ATA Happenings
Well, we have a lot of information to relay to you so hope you have time to read all about it.
First of all we’d like to thank John and Evelyn Genta for their 4 + years serving on and assisting the ATA Board of Directors.  One, and usually both, of them has always been a part of our activities whether it was on or off the courts.  We know they would like to have a well deserved break but they promised to help as needed.  We greatly appreciate you, Evelyn and John.
Besides the Gentas, we also give kudos to James McCleland and Steven Bagwell.    This was the first time for both these men to serve on the board and they did a fantastic job.  They were given tasks that they weren’t sure how to do at first, but they stepped up to the challenge and proved to be contributing members of our board.  Thank you James and Steven and we look forward to seeing more of you both on the courts.
At our annual dinner and election of new Board Members the following were elected; Greg Richardson, Christian Schneider and Charles Powell.  The incoming and outgoing board members met and the new Board Officers were chosen. 

 President – Sintra Sampath, Vice President – Charles Powell, Treasurer – Greg Richardson, Secretary – Linda Gilliland and Member at Large – Christian Schneider.  This 2014-2015 board has started off strong with lots of promising good and fun activities for all.
The Closed Tournament turned out to be a fun and beautiful weekend.  There were many happy players leaving with ATA mugs and wine glasses.  We had 8 different events with singles and doubles being played on Saturday and Sunday.  Men’s Open Singles – 1st Cameron Brace-Emmert, 2nd Dennis Johnston,  Men’s Open Doubles – 1st Brace-Emmert/Johnston, 2nd Lazar/Murray,  Men’s Singles Vets – 1st Robert Schreiner, 2nd Christian Schneider,  Men’s Doubles Vets -1st Gents/Sotak, 2nd Gallent/Key,  Mixed Open Doubles – 1st Brace-Emmert/Carey, 2nd Gallent/Gallent,  Mixed Doubles Vets – 1st Messer/Richardson, 2nd Campbell/Messer,  Women’s Doubles Open – 1st Gustafson/Messer, 2nd Gallent/Richardson,  Women’s Doubles Vets – 1st Genta/Waggoner, 2nd Common-Pearce/Sampath.   We thank all the tournament players and fans.  We also would like to give big thanks to all behind the scenes helping to make this a fun and successful weekend for all.
Ok, now it’s time to start marking your calendars if you haven’t already done so.  Saturday, November 1 at 9:00am is our annual “Turkey Shoot” Play Day which will be hosted by the Gentas this year.  They have promised to make for some very interesting and fun play in the morning with TURKEYS to be given as prizes.  We hope you will all come out for this fun morning.
After the Play Day all have been invited to the Morgans’ for their famous Gumbo.  If you have not been fortunate enough to partake in this event, you do not want to miss it this year.  Their address is 2001 Amber Skies #154.  If you are unable to play Saturday morning, please join us around noon for the delicious Gumbo lunch.
Your new Board Members would like you to know that we are open to hear from you with questions, comments or suggestions that will be brought to the board meetings for our discussion/action as the board deems necessary.  Also, we can always be reached through our E-mail.
More news and information will be coming to you soon.  Please be watching for our letters so that you will be “up” on all the activities of ATA.

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