Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ladder Matches

A) There is an initial proposal to have Ladder Matches.  There are several events and would be 1) Womens Doubles, 2) Mens 45+ singles, 3) Mens under 45 singles, 4) Mens 45+ doubles, 5) Men under 45 doubles, and 6) Mixed Doubles Open.

B) These events would be carried out during the months of May,June, July, August, and September.  Tennis courts would be reserved.

C) The suggested fee is $10.00 per participant.

D) The question is if Saturdays or Sundays would be better.

E)  Would like to know if there is interest and which day would be better.

F) Please e-mail James K. McCleland at or feel free to call at (575)491-6419.

This is the general idea.  Please respond, if interested.  

Thank you

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