Friday, December 6, 2013

notices notices and events.

During an unanimous vote, it has been decided that the ATA would try to have every third Friday be Fun Friday at Five. The hope is to try and a fun social event later on for afternoon players and change things up a little. We will start on January 17 of the upcoming year.

Steven Will be asking people at the Annual ATA christmas party if people would like to host any particular playday. If anyone wants to volunteer themselves please contact or talk to him at the party.

The February 7th – 9th, 2014 Battle of the Clubs was discussed.  As of this time, ATA has two teams for sure.  Sintra is the Capt. for a 3.5 team and Joy is Capt. for 4.5.  Cindy Carey is working on putting together a 4.0 team.  She needs more women for her team in order for this team to be a go.  Sintra is Alamogordo’s point of contact for more of this activity.

James McCleland is Attempt to organize an ATA Ladder for all ATA member. We hope for a resounding success for the ladder and wish as much participation as possible. for more information on how the Ladder is going to organized, contact James McCleland.

As always, everyone have fun and play well. Have a wonderful day!

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