Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tournament Results

Cameron Brace-Emmert of Alamogordo defeated Rodney Ladd of El Paso to win the men's open singles championship of this year's Alamogordo Open Tennis Tournament. Numerous events were played in the two day event at the Oregon Tennis Courts. Here is a list of the winners of the various events:

In men's singles age category events, Rodney Ladd won the 45+, Michael Herrera won in 50+, Kaz Dziamka was the champion in 60+ and Jesse Blough won in the 65 and older group.

In NTRP rated events, Rick Sotak won in the 4.0 category and Raymond Montoya won the 3.0 event.

In men's doubles, the Clint Loest/Richard Vickrey team won in the open championship, Kaz Dziamka and Michael Herrera won in 50+, John Genta/Rick Sotak were champions in the NTRP 4.0 and Joseph Santackas/Raymond Montoya won in 3.0.

Amy Badger won the women's 45+ singles championship and Sabine Berger won the 3.5 NTRP event.

The women's doubles 4.0 NTRP event was won by Cindy Carey/ Lois Whitmire. The Gail Richardson/ Joy Gallent team won the 40+ age group event.

In the open mixed doubles event, Cameron Brace-Emmert and Cindy Carey teamed up for the championship.

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