Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Senior Olympics Information

Here is detailed information about the Senior Olympics:

Senior Olympics Competition
Singles, doubles, and mixed in 5 year age increments, starting at age 50.

LOCAL: Register between April 1 and 13 (main registration day is April 5, 1 pm). Pick up the registration form at the Senior Center. Ask for Jean Duncan (mornings are better). Fill out the form there, or take with you. There is a one time/"cover everything" local FEE of $15 (I think).

Actual competition will occur during the week starting Monday, April 23 (some leeway here). Grady Nicholson will layout the matches, based on the registration.

NOTE ABOUT STATE COMPETITION: Qualifying players from the local play can play at the state competition, but its not an obligation (its really hard not to qualify). State will be held at NMSU, Las Cruces, July 25-29 (tennis is usually the first three days). A separate registration fee will apply to State.

This IS a qualifying year for the 2013 National Senior Games to be held in Cleveland, OH. The competition at State is usually a little better during a qualifying year. Playing at State does not obligate you to go Nationals.

For questions, contact Grady Nicholson, 434-1949,

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