Monday, November 7, 2011

Report from World Team Tennis matches

This report on our WTT teams comes from Janet Santackas:
"The Roadrunners," our 3.5 team lost two close matches, there were some flashes of brilliance and lots of hopefulness for future matches. They lost their first match 26-32 and their second, 26-28. It was a learning experience and they are looking forward to their next match. This was Alamo RoadRunners first match and as of today they are tied for 2nd place.

The Alamo Aces, the 4.0 team, came out strong. There were some great shots made by many and we won our first match 36 games to 16. The second match we lost by 3 games, 28-31, these were the Aces' first two matches and it left us in 2nd place.

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