Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Call for WTT teams

Hi all!

For World Team Tennis:

If you would like to play and don’t have a team go here: http://www.wttrec.com/recleag/league_info.asp?s=740&t=1&l=4614&f=2022&shw=reg and select “Participant – I need to be placed on a team” when prompted. If I don’t have a team for you by the time the season starts, I will switch your registration to Substitute. Or you can sign up as a sub. Subs pay only $5, no matter how many times they end up playing during the season. But then again, there is no guarantee they will get to play at all.

Questions? Concerns? Please email me here or call 541.510.6402.

Best Regards,

Ramey Newell

SNM Adult Mixed and Tri-Level League Coordinator

“Borderlands” WTT League Administrator

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